Unusual Conversations HD Edition

by The Cilikis

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    This album has been mixed and mastered to retain the full dynamics of the original performance. You may find that the HD version is quieter sounding than other albums you listen to. Our suggestion is that you TURN IT UP and enjoy the sound that full dynamics brings to audio.




Unusual Conversations, High Dynamic range edition.

This release version is a little quieter and more dynamic release of the EP. This is for listeners who like to listen to albums from start to finish or for listeners who actively use Apple Itunes Sound Check facility or Replay Gain for mp3 players like winamp and the like.

Dynamic Range Analysis

DR11 -0.51 dB -12.70 dB Neptune's Universe
DR11 -0.52 dB -12.46 dB Station 13
DR12 -0.51 dB -14.05 dB Unforeseen Consequences
DR12 -0.52 dB -14.48 dB Unusual Conversations
DR12 -0.52 dB -14.47 dB Wavelength

Official DR value: DR11

For our second instalment of “The Cilikis’s” recording history, we again decided to procure the facilities of our good friend, recording studio owner and all round good guy Paulie from Rock City Studios. We decided to record the EP with no click tracks or quantising so as to keep the recordings as human sounding as possible... but we did use auto tune on the vocals.

As usual, we like to keep the process of recording and creation of our music as DIY as possible, and true to this, we have kept the production and packaging of this CD completely in house.

This recording represents a musical shift away from the expected guitar focused metal style. We have taken on a more jazz / metal fusion focus with our writing in order to produce what we believe is our best work to-date. Expect more!


released October 20, 2014

The Cilikis
Recorded by The Cilikis.

Engineered, mixed and edited by Brendan McLaughlin.

Extra production and mastering by Brendan McLaughlin.
...we basically did everything.

Artwork concept & design by Frank Horvath, Tyronne Anderson and Rob Stanley.

Photography by Tyronne Anderson

Copyright © 2014 The Cilikis. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


The Cilikis QLD, Australia

The Cilikis are a four piece progressive heavy fusion metal band.
Based in Brisbane & The Gold Coast, The Cilikis was formed in 2009 by Brendan McLaughlin and Frank Horvath with Franks long time friend Tyronne Anderson.
Initially as a progressive metal / guitar rock band, tastes and styles of playing and writing shifted over time to a more jazz fusion metal focus.
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